Testscreening Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Warner Bros heeft afgelopen weekend de eerste testscreening van Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix gehouden. Ongeveer 85% van de special effects zijn reeds voltooid en de film is met zijn 2 uur en 20 minuten anzienlijk korter dan de andere vier films.


Twee reviews van de testscreening zijn ondertussen online opgedoken. Beide zijn positief en verklappen al enkele spoilers. Enkele citaten zonder spoilers: "I found most scenes with Umbridge in them were kind of slow and got tiring very quickly. I also found the scenes with Hagrid's brother to be incredibly awkward and clunky, which in my opinion should be excised. What parts did I like? I loved the parts where Dumbledore's Army was training. Something was bothering me about the film that I couldn't quite put my finger on and then I realized what it was not much really happened. So yeah, I felt that not a whole lot happened, and this story could possibly have been squeezed into another film..." (Ain't It Cool News)

"All in all, the movie is a quick paced fun ride which is sure to wow audiences with the sharp visual effects and provide staunch literalists with a balanced story line. Director David Yates, who has mostly worked in television, has helmed a great movie. Condensing a book of near 900 pages into a film of tolerable length would be a challenge for any director..." (The Leaky Cauldron)


Ondertussen heeft Daniel Radcliffe een contract getekend voor de resterende twee Harry Potter films. In september beginnen reeds de opnames voor The Half-Blood Prince en in 2008 volgt dan nog The Deathly Hallows. Momenteel staat Radcliffe op de planken in het stuk Equus waarvoor hij positieve recensies krijgt. The Order of the Phoenix komt in België uit op 11 juli 2007.


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